Carer story – Christmas baking with my client

“For me care isn’t just a job. I have worked in hospitals and in the community, but there was never any time that I could really get to know my clients. I decided to become a live-in Professional Carer after I found myself wanting more 1-1 time with the person I was supporting. Caring for someone is knowing the little things, like how they like their cup of tea, or knowing what they like to get up to on a rainy day. It’s about getting to build that relationship with them and making them feel like family.”

Our Professional Carer Lauren has worked in care for over 9 years. She’s developed a strong bond with her client A and is always trying to find new ways to help her still enjoy her hobbies and interests. Lauren has recently found a love for baking and together with her client baked some lovely Christmas biscuits. She shares her story with us:

I love my job, I love the fact I am able to help make a difference to my clients. I always treat them with respect and dignity and get them to achieve things they may not have thought they still had in them! This could be walking around outside or to dance with them, hold their hands in times of need and reassure them when they’re feeling blue.

I’ve been supporting A for 9 months now, working 3 weeks on with 3 weeks off. I help her with things that she is no longer able to do independently. As well as making sure her day-to-day care needs are met, I also cook homemade meals and give her great company (even if I have to dance around to make her laugh, I will!) I always show her photographs of her family and put on music that she once loved listening to back in her day. I have a great relationship with her family and it’s so nice to feel valued by them. My client has dementia and she may not always remember me, but the care I give her is always the best. 

My client loved cooking, she was always in the kitchen, whether that was helping cut some veg up or baking a cake, she always liked being involved. At present my client can no longer bear weight and couldn’t help me in the kitchen in the usual way, so I brought the kitchen to her. For our festive baking she helped choose the designs by pointing or saying “yes” to a design that we wanted to make to put on our finished biscuits. I also asked her what colours we should add and I would say them aloud and the response I would get was a smile if it was good to go! I think my client enjoyed this very much, she always liked cooking at the best of times so for her to feel some involvement I know she would appreciate that very much.”

If you want to find out more about the difference you can make as a Professional live-in carer, like Lauren, contact our recruitment team on 0203 728 7570. Or if you’re ready to start your career with us, apply online.

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