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Care Sector News Review: March

Read our news review to find out all the latest information relating to the care sector; care services, medical research and awareness initiatives.

Welcome back for the March edition of Care Sector News Review.

Each month, we'll introduce you to some of the most compelling new stories and research relating to care services, medical research and awareness initiatives.

Read on to find out what's happened across the care sector in March:

Care services

  • The Good Care Group is proud to have been nominated as a finalist for the 2017 HealthInvestor 'Domiciliary care provider of the year' award, with the winner set to be announced on 1 June.
  • Toddlers have brought "joy and happiness" to a care home in Cambridgeshire as part of the recently launched 'Little Owls' project. Children and residents took part in dance, arts and crafts and singing at Home Meadow care home.
  • A pilot scheme for the elderly has been launched at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn. The 'Red Bag Scheme' aims to support older people admitted to A&E by providing clinicians with a bag containing paperwork detailing the patient's medical history.
  • According to researchers from Royal London, a typical care home stay (30-month duration) now costs the equivalent of over half the average house price value in many areas of the country.

Medical research

  • new study described as "practice changing" will redefine medical care practices for older people with glioblastoma, the most common type of brain tumour. The study – which focused on combining existing treatment methods – has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Spider venom could help prevent brain damage in stroke patients, even if administered hours after the event. A compound from the venom has been found to stop brain cells being destroyed, according to researchers from the University of Queensland.
  • A groundbreaking study from Augusta University has found that stem cell treatment is "safe and well-tolerated" by patients, laying the groundwork for innovative future research into stroke care.
  • Analysis from Alzheimer's Research UK states that the total number of scientists working to come up with treatments for the condition has almost doubled over a period of six years.
  • Genetic testing may soon be able to tell people how likely they are to develop Alzheimer's, and even predict the likely age of onset, according to researchers at the University of California.

Awareness initiatives

  • March has been designated as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Women over 50 are most at risk from this condition, but only 20% can name even one of the four key symptoms. This year's event has been titled 'Start Making Noise' and aims to greatly increase awareness surrounding ovarian cancer.
  • This month also marks the start of the Marie Curie 'Great Daffodil Appeal', which has raised awareness and funds for bodies that care for people with terminal illnesses since 1986. Millions of generous people across the country support this cause making a small donation and wearing the traditional daffodil pin each year.

Join us again in the last week of April for the next edition of Care Sector News Review.

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