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Care Sector News Review: April

Welcome back for the April edition of Care Sector News Review.

Each month, we'll introduce you to some of the most compelling new stories and research relating to care services, medical research and awareness initiatives.

Read on to find out what's happened across the care sector in April:

Care services

Medical research

  • A diet that controls certain amino acids could increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment and help slow the development of tumours, a report published by Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute and the University of Glasgow has found.
  • People with higher levels of vitamin D and DHEA are at a lower risk of frailty, new research has found. Vitamin D has been found to aid bone and muscle health, while DHEA is thought to influence muscle usage, brain and immune system functionality.
  • Reprogramming brain cells could offer a cure for Parkinson's disease at some point in the future, according to a study published in science journal Nature. While still some way short of a breakthrough, initial trials in mice have proved successful.
  • Two new drugs – designed to halt neurodegenerative conditions including dementia – have been developed and are expected to undergo human trials in the near future. Both are based on drugs trialled by the UK Medical Research Council in 2013, which were effective but not suitable for humans.     
  • Medications currently being used to treat cancer and depression may also help in the fight against dementia, according to the Medical Research Council's Toxicology Unit. Researchers from Cambridge and Leicester universities hope to collate trial results within two to three years.

Awareness initiatives

  • Fundraising and awareness initiatives have taken place throughout April to mark Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Participants received sponsorship for completing a 30-day exercise programme, while others donated money or displayed bowel cancer information in public spaces.
  • National Gardening Week took place from 10–16 April. The event was marked by garden parties and communal gardening events both of which make ideal spring activities for older people.

Join us again in the last week of May for the next edition of Care Sector News Review.

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