Age-diverse employer award for The Good Care Group

The Good Care Group have been awarded with a Rest Less badge in recognition of the diverse range of ages that we have amongst our staff. 

We have been given the Rest Less award for being an Age-diverse Employer in recognition of having a range of carers, from all walks of life, with a great deal of experience.  Our carers bring with them a wealth of knowledge which is valued by The Good Care Group and which helps them to stay at the top of their field. 

Who are Rest Less?

The Good Care Group works in partnership with Rest Less, an online community for the over 50s where people can find advice, support, activities and resources from a group of like-minded people. Rest Less is the UK’s fastest-growing site for the over 50s, and they work with organisations that are committed to welcoming people with years of career experience to their workforce. 

As well as showcasing hundreds of suitable roles across their website, they also offer advice on getting the best from the workplace, pension information and educational courses that individuals may want to take up in order to upskill themselves to be an even more desirable candidate. 

Working for The Good Care Group

The success of the Good Care Group is achieved by its high standards and excellent team members who have provided help to many people in need of live-in care for themselves or a loved one.   

The Good Care Group is proud to employ people from over 40 different nationalities.  We are also an age-diverse employer employing many carers over the age of 50 who bring with them not just experience and knowledge but know-how. In partnership with Rest Less, The Good Care Group can ensure that their clients and team members have a wide range of resources at hand. 

Our vision is to be the leading provider of the highest quality care at home. We help older people remain safe and happy in their homes and community, whilst improving their lifestyle and well-being. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the valued hard work of our carers, of which many are in the 50 or over age category. 

For more information on becoming a carer at The Good Care Group, visit our jobs page. 


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