5 fantastic ways to spend your evenings as the clocks go forward

Get ideas for active and engaging ways to spend your evenings as the clocks go forward with this list of options specially adapted for older people.

Now that British Summer Time (BST) is upon us, we've prepared this handy list of ways to spend your evenings as the clocks go forward.

Late spring is the ideal time to re-emerge from your winter shell, get active outdoors and increase your social schedule.

Here, we'll give you a brief introduction to various age/ability-appropriate ideas for making the most of the longer evenings.

Ways to spend your evenings as the clocks go forward

These are some of our recommended ways to spend your evenings as the clocks go forward:

1. Using your garden

Tending to your garden is both a therapeutic activity and enjoyable form of gentle exercise.

Once you've taken the time to prune, plant and pick as applicable, enjoy the fruits of your labour. Take a walk around the garden, or just sit and savour the view.

2. Eating al fresco

Eating outdoors is a treat you can only engage in for part of the year, and a great way to be sociable.

Invite friends over for afternoon tea or dinner in the garden. Or, pack up a hamper and visit your favourite nearby outdoor space (a park or stately home grounds) for a picnic.

3. Participating in events

Joining in with events in your local area is a great way to stay social and active.

Look online or in your local newspaper for suitable events in your area. These could be social (e.g. bingo or bridge club), fitness-based (e.g. light aerobics or dancing) or food orientated (e.g. afternoon tea or lunch club).

4. Taking a walk

Walking is immensely effective as a gentle form of exercise. And, it poses far fewer risks now the warmer weather and later evenings have arrived.

Try walking around your local area, visiting a nearby park or even arranging a day out. Share your walk with your spouse or a loved one and combine exercise with a good conversation.

5. Visiting family

Travelling to visit family or friends starts to get easier once spring arrives. The weather begins to clear and daylight hours grow longer.

This experience can be hugely rewarding for everyone involved, offering a social outlet and chance to catch up on the latest news.

Make the most of the new season by trying some or all of these ways to spend your evenings as the clocks go forward.

Enjoy spring and summer with live-in care

Even if you're no longer able to try these things independently, live-in care can provide you with the adaptable support you need to stay social and active.

This method prioritises companionship and a healthy, happy lifestyle. It enables you to live as independently as possible, but with support in any areas where it might prove beneficial.

Most importantly, live-in care enables you to stay in your own home – surrounded by cherished possessions and in the community in which you've put down roots.

Find out how you can ensure your loved one receives beneficial support and companionship all year round by speaking to the friendly team at The Good Care Group.

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