21,000 live-in carers are needed to aid hospital discharges

Dominique Kent, MD of The Good Care Group, calls for 21,000 recruits to ensure care can be provided to those returning to their own homes.

Dominique Kent, Managing Director of The Good Care Group, co-founder of the Live-in Care Hub and chair on the Board of the United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA), is calling 21,000 carers to join live-in care sector to help reduce the strain on the NHS and protect vulnerable people at home.

Currently, many patient discharges from hospitals have to be put on hold because of care homes going into lockdown and, as a result, people who were due to be discharged to a home, are no longer able to do so. This means that patients are forced to remain in hospitals, taking up much-needed beds and increasing their risk of infection.

Live-in care provides a ready-made solution to this, but that also means that many more carers are needed to join the workforce and help tackle this challenge.

“The Department of Health is calling for hospital beds to be freed up. However, with care homes protecting their residents by enforcing lockdown, many elderly and vulnerable people needing further support are now unable to be discharged to a care home, meaning that many are having to prolong their stay in hospital occupying valuable hospital beds and increasing their risk of infection,” she said.

“Live-in care is a safe and immediate solution to get people out of hospital and back into their own homes, freeing up hospital beds for those who need them. In order to do this, we need 21,000 carers to join the social care sector and ensure care can be provided to those returning to their own homes. We will have trained carers in homes within 14 days of applying so the sooner we can get the message out there and applications in, the sooner we can relieve some of the current strain on the NHS.”

Read the full article on Home Care Insight.

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