Supporting Healthcare

Reducing the pressure on healthcare professionals

At The Good Care Group, we understand the challenges healthcare professionals face.  The home care services we provide aim to reduce the burden for those in primary and community care, whilst ensuring that individuals receive the highest quality care at home.

The many benefits of our service to clients and healthcare professionals include:

  • Rapid response to emergency situations - service start up within 24-48 hours
  • Reduced visits to primary care
  • Reduced hospital readmissions
  • Cost effective solution to one-to-one care

We work in partnership with existing services to deliver a responsive home care solution. We are able to respond rapidly to any emergency situation, as well as preventing crises, which often relate to falls, dementia and infections.

Cost effective, round the clock one-to-one care at home

Our service is cost effective for those with intensive, complex needs that make hourly or visiting care unviable or when it is a couple who both require care.  We manage all aspects of the care including liaising with GP's, and household duties.

  • Dedicated care team led by regional care manager
  • Full assessment before care starts
  • Bespoke and flexible care plan
  • Specialist support and expertise - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Case Study - Hospital Discharge

Our Client

Mary is 75 years old, a widow living with MS and experiencing recurrent chest infections and frequent falls. Unfortunately, 3 months ago, Mary was admitted to hospital with a bad chest infection. Her daughter regularly had to call paramedics to the house and this is the third time Mary has been admitted to hospital this year. Due to complications she remained in hospital for 12 weeks, spending long periods of time in bed, and this had a major impact on her mobility; she was unable to stand up or walk on her own any more. She also lost a lot of weight, and her appetite almost disappeared completely. Martha was depressed, and desperate to get back to her beloved home.

Our Solution
Mary’s daughter approached The Good Care Group to understand how they could help.  They conducted a comprehensive assessment of Mary’s needs within 24 hours whilst she was in hospital.  Through discussion with Mary and her daughter, The Good Care Group quickly identified a team of two specialist carers, trained in MS to provide live in care for Mary so that she could be discharged from hospital.  The carers chosen were not just matched in terms of skills and capabilities, but personalities and interests were aligned with Mary’s.  The professional carers worked closely with Mary’s physiotherapist and each morning and evening they worked through the exercise regime with Mary. They have also supported the occupational therapist in assessing and providing support to enable Martha to regain her independence.

Our Success
Three months after coming home Mary is able to walk independently around the house with her Zimmer frame again – a huge achievement. This has had a positive impact on her digestive system reducing instances of constipation, and on her circulatory and respiratory system. She has not experienced a chest infection since coming home. Her improved mobility and the one to one supervision round the clock mean that Mary has not fallen since returning home. She has also gained weight and enjoys the home cooked meals that her carers prepare for her.  Working with Mary’s GP, The Good Care Group has reduced the number of GP home visits Martha requires and was able to reduce the burden on primary care in this case. Mary’s overall health and wellbeing has improved significantly and her daughter reports that her mood is much more positive and she is enjoying life once again.

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