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Dr Simon Moore – Private GP and Founder of The Moore Medical Practice.

The service provided by The Good Care Group is professional and driven by a desire to care and keep the elderly healthier and happier at home for much longer. For all those individuals who previously thought they would have to endure the upheaval of moving into a residential environment, this alternative approach is valuable to both them and their family.

Dr George Noble – Consultant Geriatrician

The Good Care Group’s approach to end-of-life care ensures the individual receiving this at home is less anxious and is comforted by being in home surroundings with familiar routines. Levels of pain and medication can be closely monitored and the individual is more likely to welcome attention from friends and family.

Glen Mason, Director of People, Communities and Local Government at The Department of Health

The best recruitment process I have come across – a blend of telephone, interview, written and psychometric.

Dr Julian Oram- Consultant in Elderly and General Medicine at The Lister Hospital

To find carers with the dedication and specialist training of those at The Good Care Group, who can then cope with the various challenges presented by complex conditions, particularly dementia, is a great relief to the patient and family.

Dr Emer McSweeney – Founder and Director of Re:Cognition Health

At Re:Cognition Health, we diagnose and manage patients at the beginning or early stages of their disease and we actively support our patients throughout the longevity of their illness. The Good Care Group provides an important quality solution for these patients.  Their experienced staff and philosophy of service and quality provides a significantly positive alternative to institutional care.

Martin Green - MBO and CEO of Care England

The care market is becoming increasingly more complex and the demands on it more insistent. It is reassuring that there are organisations like The Good Care Group who can help provide such solutions and help drive up standards of care throughout the industry.

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