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At The Good Care Group we are committed to delivering the high standards of care our clients and their families have come to expect during the Coronavirus pandemic. We understand that you may have many questions relating to our service, so we have collated answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you have any concern whatsoever during this time, please contact your dedicated local Care Manager who is there to provide support and guidance during this difficult time.

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  • What extra measures are you taking to ensure the safety of my loved one?

    We have had a robust and comprehensive Coronavirus business continuity plan in place since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which we continually review in terms of our operations in line with Government guidance. This outlines our process and response to meeting Government regulations, supporting our carers with advice and equipment to safely do their jobs, whilst ensuring our clients are kept safe and well in their own homes with no interruption to the care we provide.
    Our professional carers are taking all necessary precautions both when travelling to work and whilst in placement.  Carers are maintaining strict infection control measures, including regular handwashing, social distancing, and frequent surface cleaning in the home.

    All of our professional carers have access to sufficient PPE required for the  range of scenarios in which it is required. Generally, given the nature of live-in care there is much lower infection risk in providing care to someone in their own home, so we do not expect our carers to wear PPE all of the time whilst working with their client which ensures that the softer side of care delivery and emotional connection is not compromised.

  • What happens if my mother’s carer has Coronavirus symptoms and/or tests positive for the virus?

    If a carer becomes unwell at work and is symptomatic, they are required to report this immediately to the Care Manager. The Care Manager will liaise with you about the best course of action, which in most cases would be supporting the carer to leave your home safely to self-isolate elsewhere. We will draw on our resources and send a replacement carer to your home to ensure your safety and on-going care needs are met. We will then request that the carer seeks a test so that we can ensure they follow the guidance on self-isolation before returning to work.

    If your professional carer feels unwell or receives a positive test for Coronavirus before they are scheduled to care for you, we will immediately find a replacement carer for you so you can be rest assured you will not be left with no one to care for you.

  • My loved one has been treated in hospital for Covid-19 and is ready to be discharged – are you able to offer a live-in care service?

    Yes. We will work closely with you, those at the hospital responsible for their care and discharge to understand your loved one’s on-going care needs so we can put the right live-in care package in place. Receiving care in your own home really is the safest Coronavirus care for older people to receive care and support after hospital admission as opposed to moving into a residential care home where infection risks are much higher.

    Our professional carers have access to enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) at all client placements, so they can carry out their caring duties safely during the recovery period. We use market-leading digital technology that enables us to effectively monitor our clients’ health, which means our carers can proactively identify and respond to any changes, giving you much needed peace of mind and comfort at this time. This technology also gives you online access to all the information about your loved one’s care, recovery and overall health and wellbeing providing a reassuring window to families at a time when you are restricted from visiting their loved one. Read here as to why choose The Good Care Group for high quality live-in care.

  • When social distancing restrictions are eased, what would happen if my father contracted Coronavirus?

    We have a very robust process in place should one of our clients experience the symptoms of Coronavirus. Whilst most of our clients are continuing to spend more time at home than usual , we do know that the current situation is  not entirely risk free. If they observe any symptoms or Coronavirus our professional carer will immediately notify their Care Manager, who will report the case to the central office leadership team. The Care Manager will then contact the family to advise them of the situation and will help support the family to complete the track and trace online application to ensure their loved one is tested. We will also request that our carer is tested. Many of our carers, despite having their own families have been happy to then self-isolate with their client in their home for the 7-14-day period so both can remain safe. The professional carer with the remote support of their Care Manager will then complete a comprehensive review of the client’s care plan. The carer will put in place increased levels of monitoring using our digital technology, so they are able to respond quickly and appropriately to any changes in their client’s overall health.

  • I am worried about mum’s mental wellbeing as she has really struggled with shielding – I know she misses us immensely – how will her carer help?

    We understand how difficult it is for everyone not being able to see their family and loved one’s in a way they are used to. This of course is even more worrying and upsetting for those who are choosing to continue shielding, or under local lockdown restrictions as the prospect of getting back to a new normal is not really understood yet, which provides more uncertainty about the future. Our carers are trained in how to identify and respond positively to signs of anxiety and depression. They will help their client in many ways to lift their mood according to their wishes, whilst respecting their privacy. Many of our professional carers are facilitating family get togethers online for those that are self-isolating, including playing games like family quizzes, which has been a very effective way of giving their client something to look forward to once or twice a week, which in turn has lifted their spirits the rest of the time. Our digital technology is also providing our carers with ways to keep their client entertained and enjoying life, with online games, music streaming, looking at family photos and internet shopping. Our carers are very aware of how this Coronavirus crisis is impacting those they care for and are dedicated to helping their clients live well and enjoy life.

  • Are your carers tested?

    The Good Care Group carers participate in a testing programme as part of the NHS infection control programme. This means that every week our care team and office based teams complete routine PCR tests in order to determine their Covid status at the time of taking the test. Four tests are distributed to the carers each month, either to their home address or placement, to enable them to complete the test each week.

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