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Family support during the Coronavirus pandemic


We know how worrying and distressing it has been for the families of those we care for during the Coronavirus pandemic. We understand that you will naturally have concerns about the safety, health and wellbeing of your loved one, which are only compounded due to lockdown restrictions, shielding and social distancing measures, which for most have prevented you from visiting your loved one or family member for many weeks.

At The Good Care Group we have been working closely with all our families to help alleviate their concerns and reduce levels of anxiety so they can feel rest assured that we are effectively responding to the Coronavirus pandemic and their loved one’s continue to receive the highest quality of care, whilst ensuring their overall health and wellbeing during this time. Peace of mind just when you need it.

How we are supporting families


Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the UK we have provided regular, and at least weekly updates to our families by email on our response to the pandemic and any changes to Government guidance that impact our operations.

Our digital technology platform provides families with immediate access to information relating to the care of their loved one, including daily care records, care plans, fluid and nutritional information and food shopping expenditure. This provides families with much-needed comfort, as for many they are unable to visit their loved one. The platform offers a transparent and reassuring window as to the care their loved one is receiving.

We have been hosting regular family digital conferences utilising ‘Google Hangout’, which include Q&A sessions so families can get answers to any questions they may have.

Our online client community provides a ‘social forum’ for all our families to connect with one another and share their experiences of coping through the pandemic.

Our clinical experts, including Jane Pritchard our in-house Specialist Consultant Nurse and Jackie Cooper our dedicated Occupational Therapist have continued to provide much-needed support and guidance to our families remotely, working closely with other health professionals involved in our clients care to ensure the health and wellbeing of those we care for at this time.

Care Managers are providing increasing levels of dedicated support via telephone and digital technology to reassure families throughout
the crisis.

Where it is safe to do so our professional carers have been proactive in facilitating socialisation for our clients and enabling family members to visit, whilst adhering to social distancing measures. We will continue to work with our families, carers and clients as social distancing guidance changes to bring families back together in a way that is safe and secure.

We are also proactively supporting carers through the pandemic to ensure their own personal health and wellbeing is maintained, so that they can continue to provide the highest standards of care our clients should expect.

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