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Case Study: Cancer Care

See how we helped Maria achieve an improved quality of life

Case Study: Providing Maria with cancer care in the home

Our client

Maria was diagnosed with bowel cancer a couple of years ago, and had surgery and a course of chemotherapy. She was very keen to stay in her own home throughout her treatment, but she was physically and emotionally vulnerable after her surgery - so she contacted The Good Care Group about care. Following an initial consultation, the regional care manager conducted a comprehensive assessment and worked with Maria’s health care team to create a holistic plan of care.The Good Care Group provided a team of two specialist carers, trained in understanding and delivering excellent cancer care.

Our cancer care service

Initially, Maria needed support with her personal care which included maintaining excellent hygiene around the surgical wound and supporting Maria with her continence management. The team also managed her house and correspondence, ensuring that Maria was able to concentrate on getting better. Nutrition was a crucial part of Maria’s recovery – her regional care manager and dietician worked together to develop a menu plan which provided tasty, nutritionally balanced meals in small regular portions to stimulate her appetite and rebuild strength.

Maria’s professional carers became her trusted companions – helping her to set goals and focus on the positives, building her up day by day.

Our success

Three months after her operation Maria's health had improved. She felt able to reduce the care and support to regain her independence. The professional carers that stayed with her during this time will always be held dear to her.

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