Live-in care has given me a sense of independence

Ella is part of the Marketing team at The Good Care Group, and wanted to accompany Karen, Care Manager, on one of her visits to meet a carer named Hani, who is celebrating her clients three-year anniversary with us.


“I have worked in the care industry for a number of years, and I really wanted to join a care manager on a visit to meet a carer and client, witness their connection, and experience what it’s like to receive live-care in your own home. Care manager Karen covers our care packages in the North West, which is local to me.

“I was eager to meet Hani and learn about her experience as a live-in carer, as well as her stories and the relationship she has with Mrs B.

“When we arrived, we were greeted by Hani, who has been supporting Mrs B for two and a half years now. We went inside to the living room where client Mrs B was waiting. They had sandwiches, a pot of tea and lots of cake ready for us. Mrs B loved seeing Karen and really enjoyed meeting new people, so she was very welcoming to me.”

They ultimately settled down, and after much eating and sharing of stories, Ella asked Hani why she chose to become a live-in carer…


“The one person who got me into caring, and told me that I’m a good carer is my dad. I went to look after him in Canada in 2015, when he had a stroke and was left paralysed on one side. I was there for almost a year, and within that period of time I really enjoyed it. I absolutely loved it. It was very cold, sometimes minus 21! So I stayed with him, cared for him, and was basically a compassionate person. I would help all the people around him. I think I was just naturally a carer. My dad said ‘the way that you care for me is amazing, and you’d make a brilliant carer’. So that was when the thought of becoming a carer came to me. I did a bit of caring after college, but that was just hourly care. 

“Then eventually I joined a company and became a live-in carer. This was my first time, and sadly they weren’t very helpful. I stayed for two years until my client sadly passed. Then I joined The Good Care Group, and I thought, this is a brilliant company to work for. I have never looked back ever since! My first client was Mrs B, and I didn’t want to go anywhere else. Mrs B is the one for me! When I do come to Mrs B, it’s like my second home. Everyone in the town has become my friend.


“I became a live-in carer and thought this is what I needed”


“Live-in care has given me a sense of independence, and made me a strong person. I felt like I could do more than I was capable of doing. In life I was just going through it, and then I became a live-in carer and thought this is what I needed. 

“I’ve really matured, and I really do think that The Good Care Group made me this way.”

“I greatly appreciate being welcomed into Mrs B’s house and accompanying Karen on such a nice day. I observed how diligently our live-in carers worked to complete their daily responsibilities and prioritise their clients. I left Mrs B’s house admiring both the friendship between the two of them and the effort Hani puts into her job every day.”

If you’d like to consider being a live-in carer just like Hani, get in touch with our Recruitment team today on 020 3728 7570 or visit our jobs page.

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